Inadequate damp-proofing is one of the most common problems we see in buildings and homes in Gauteng today. There are also few problems that can affect the structural integrity of buildings - and their contents - so negatively as inadequate damp-proofing.

Our Gauteng team can spot and stop rising, falling or seeping damp where and when it occurs, from your basement to roof and everywhere in-between. Damp problems in Gauteng can cause toxic mould growth, blistering and flaking of paint, plaster or wallpaper and in severe cases it can cause walls and foundations to crumble. We use only the most advanced techniques and trusted brands like Coprox to solve your damp-proofing problems for good.

We have experience damp-proofing the following problems in Gauteng:    

  • Rising Damp: When moisture is sucked from the ground into the building, often caused by deteriorating or non-existent damp proofing in buildings.
  • Falling Damp: Often caused by inadequate damp-proofing of top boundary walls, blocked or leaking gutters or dirt and moss buildup on upper-wall brick or mortar work.
  • Penetrating Damp: Most commonly found in Gauteng and often caused by leaking water pipes and unprotected plaster or brick. Air-conditioning drips and hot water system overflows can also cause problems.
  • Lateral Damp: Where moisture forces its way through walls.
  • Condensation: Mostly occurs where inadequate waterproofing was done in bathrooms and kitchens.

Contact Brunexa Projects and deal with your damp-proofing problems in Gauteng today.

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